Leveraging RPA, Machine Learning, and NLP to reduceoperating cost and inform strategic decisions

With 40% of Australian jobs to be automated by 2025 and the cognitive component of Artificial Intelligence alone expected to reach $50 billion in a few years, what does AI mean for operations and strategy?

Returning from last year where we explored ‘What’ exactly is AI, 2017 will give you solid case studies as to ‘How’ to develop an effective strategy for AI, implement it into existing operations, and take data one step further and capitalise on ROI.

The AI for Enterprise Summit is the market’s only ‘How To’ guide. It is 100% Case Study based, with the exception of a few macro-economic discussions around where we are headed to help us with the ‘how to prepare’ today.

Attend to learn how to:


Lower costs across both the front and back office by reducing FTE and increasing output through deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Increase operational efficiency, performance and quality by reassessing your operating model and using data and AI to inform strategy


Enhance real time decision making through predictive analytics and clean data


Create a competitive advantage through artificial intelligence by setting a solid foundation and choosing the most appropriate course of action

So, if you want to keep talking about AI as if it is some futuristic concept, this event is probably not for you. AI is already here. The question is, are you ready to take on the challenge?

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What’s New in 2017?

Forget the ‘What’, 2017 is all about the ‘How’!

  •  2 streams; ‘Strategy’ & ‘Deployment’
  •  90% Case Studies, 10% Future Discussion
  •  4 Master Classes
  •  2 Site Tours
  •  50 speakers
  •  3 International AI implementation case studies
  •  Vendor-led Interactive Discussion Groups (IDGs)
  •  Good things come in 3s: Our 3 guests: The Futurist, The Motivator, The Trend-Setter

Who Will You Meet?

Head / GM / Director of:

  •  Transformation
  •  Innovation/ Innovation Labs
  •  Data/Data Analytics
  •  Marketing
  •  Technology/IT
  •  Operations
  •  Loans processing
  •  Claims processing
  •  Shared Services
  •  Business Services
  •  Contact Centres
  •  Service Desks / Help desks

What Makes Us Different?

To sum it up in four words… Goodbye ‘Speaker’, Welcome ‘Facilitator’

We like to practice what we enable others to preach. We are customer-centric. What matters most to our delegates is what our sessions enable. Our ‘facilitators’ will walk you through, step by step, how they have gone about preparing for and leveraging AI, giving you a ‘take-home roadmap’.

But that’s not it, the format of our Summit enables better networking, being really able to personalise your own agenda, and have ample time to ask key questions about the problems you are facing. The new format cuts through any fluffy presentations straight to the data, and the ‘how to’ – in a fast paced environment of 2017 this is absolutely necessary and enables delegates to take away what really matters.

We want to be an ‘experience’, not an ‘event’.

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