25 - 26 September, 2018 | Pullman Melbourne On the Park, MELBOURNE, VIC

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 26th September 2018

8:30 am - 9:00 am Coffee + Registration

9:00 am - 9:10 am Opening Remarks From Chair Person

AI and machine learning allow companies to deliver a level of personalisation and proactive care that was once reserved for those with a personal banker / shopper / concierge, to each and every customer. Bringing this personal touch to the mass market consumer has necessitated a new focus on accelerating, streamlining and operationalising analytical processes. In addition, machine learning has been reengineering the way software and systems are built, enabling smarter networks, natural language interfaces, and extracting knowledge from unstructured data. This talk will discuss our journey, key challenges, and early applications of AI at Telstra.

Mark Moloney

General Manager of Big data and Analytics

9:50 am - 10:30 am CASE STUDY: Cultivating Leaders of Artificial Intelligence and How To Create High Performing Teams For 20% Savings with Increased Productivity and Commercial Realisation

Russell Riding - Team Lead of Automation,, Melbourne Water
How do you cultivate leaders and allow your workforce to take ownership of Artificial Intelligence? In this session, Russell will discuss his own journey of implementing Artificial Intelligence to allow data to be analysed in their pump systems and automatically chose the most efficient options, resulting in a 20% saving on their energy bills. Russell will discuss the challenges of implementing this AI and will also explore how he empowered his workforce to be optimisers of the AI scripts to help them take ownership and be actively involved and accepting of this advancement.

  • Analyse Russell’s case of implementing Artificial Intelligence and the challenges he faced
  • Cultivating cultural change and mindset change within teams to trust and adopt the AI
  • Creating leaders and ownership of AI in teams: how Russell took his mistrusting team of AI to optimisers and advocates of the scripts

Russell Riding

Team Lead of Automation,
Melbourne Water

10:30 am - 11:00 am Morning Tea

11:00 am - 11:30 am Solutions Clinic: Discussing Executive Buy in and Cultivating Leaders In Artificial Intelligence

·          First key steps into the journey of AI
·          Human interpretable and explainable AI
·          Trust and acceptance

11:40 am - 12:00 pm The Human Machine Behind Our Successful Bot Launch in 2018

Thom Linford - Digital Bot Lead, AGL
In 2017 we launched a customer facing chatbot for the first time. This was after 12 months of prototyping, failing on a regular basis and learning at pace. This session shares our story of taking an idea from concept to commercialising on the back of a bootstrapped budget with some unconvinced stakeholders

Thom Linford

Digital Bot Lead

12:00 pm - 1:20 pm Lunch

1:20 pm - 2:00 pm CASE STUDY: Money Me’s Exploration into Artificial Intelligence: Identifying Different Uses for Artificial Intelligence Technology

Clayton Howes - CEO,, MoneyMe
This session explores the use of different Artificial Intelligence technologies including data analytics, machine learning, cognitive computing and more. Clayton will specifically discuss his experience in using some of these technologies and tools so that you can decide what to use and how to deploy it in your own organisation.

  • Discussing what Artificial Intelligence technologies can be used and how they could be helpful for you
  • Understand how the practical application of Artificial Intelligence is used to build better business outcomes – a look at the MoneyMe case study
  • Begin to understand best practice for deployment and lessons learned from Claytons’ own experience and war stories

Clayton Howes


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm CASE STUDY: Understand How to Put Together a Governance Strategy To Ensure Artificial Intelligence Applications Are Working at Their Peak

Hoang Thai - Lead Data Scientist, Energy Australia
Artificial Intelligence must be continuously monitored to ensure that it is operating most accurately and effectively. However algorithms can easily go rogue, especially if they are using incorrect data! This session discusses the importance of creating a governance framework across your data, interface and modeling environments for your Artificial Intelligence applications, particularly looking at “unpacking the blackbox” and understanding exactly what data your AI is using to make decisions and why. Hoang will draw on his own experience from Energy Australia in smart metering and solar forecasting and how they justify the decisions its AI is making.

  • Implementing a governance framework for data management and modelling to ensure appropriate use of data to create a system of red flags when something may be wrong
  • Understand what unpacking the blackbox is and why it is so important to be able to understand why your AI is making certain decisions and how it’s getting there
  • Analysing data regulation and policy to challenge existing models and continuously improve

Hoang Thai

Lead Data Scientist
Energy Australia

2:40 pm - 3:10 pm Afternoon Tea

3:10 pm - 3:50 pm Have We Reached ArtificialGeneral Intelligence and if Not, How Far Away Are We?

Hosein Alizadeh - Data Science Team Leader, Wesfarmers
Agustinus Nalwan - Head of AI, Carsales.com
Elon Musk has predicted that we will see the first Artificial Super-Intelligence in our lifetimes. But how far away we are from this super intelligence, or at least what some call “Artificial General Intelligence?” Are we already there, or when will we see this breakthrough? This panel discusses some of the major breakthroughs by universities, start ups and some innovative companies in the pursuit of “Pure” Artificial Intelligence or AGI.

  • Identify what Artificial General Intelligence is and how we might be reaching towards it
  • Understanding where the current market is at and where Australian and global advancement is taking us
  • Discover innovative applications of AI in the market right now and how they could be used in your organisation


Hosein Alizadeh

Data Science Team Leader


Agustinus Nalwan

Head of AI

3:50 pm - 4:20 pm CASE STUDY: International Keynote: How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Increase Productivity, Customer Experience And Commercial Success

Christophe Castan - Head of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation, AXA
Artificial Intelligence is well known to have the potential to reduce the workload of your employees, improve productivity, provide a cost saving and significantly improve your customers’ experience! In this session Christophe will discuss his experience in implementing Artificial Intelligence and exactly what that looks like. He will discuss the importance of setting a vision, getting executive buy in and how he is empowering his AI team to lead the change in the organisation. AXA has had to go through a complete transformation from a traditional legacy business to digitally savvy to meet their customers expectations. Christophe has been exploring the use of AI to improve customer experience and specifically ensuring they are future-proofing themselves for the next two to ten years!

  • Implementing a roadmap and understand the AXA journey to implement artificial intelligence technology that provides a commercial benefit to ensure you can future proof yourself
  • Determine how to improve customer experience through artificial intelligence with the use of Cognitive Automation, Chatbots and automating decision making
  • Understanding the culture shock that can be experienced when trying to implement AI and how to get your leadership team and employees comfortable with the transformation
  • Looking at mindset change, leadership change and resourcing for an AI transformation

Christophe Castan

Head of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation

4:30 pm - 4:40 pm Closing Remarks from Chair Person

4:40 pm - 4:40 pm End of Day Two